Admission continues to Co-operation, BBA, BA English and BA Economics The online classes for 2nd & final year have commenced and it is our pleasure to note that the new generation is trying to mirror themselves in a world of information over flow. It is the duty of the college to help them to turn the mirrors into windows with judicious use of such opportunities.

Aim of CAAS

This is a college established for imparting the best education to the youth with a stress on values of successful living. Serving the society and the nation at large, it aims at fulfilling the needs of the students through various joboriented degree courses.

To offer students a value-based and holistic education which paves way for an integrated development of the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the personality, which is enriched by the knowledge of Indian culture and enhanced by patriotism and a universal outlook.

To give a practical and judicious combination of academic excellence, extracurricular pursuits, character building and personality development.
To mould students into corporate leaders of strength who can face the challenges of modern life with a smile and make a difference in the world by their positive contribution.

The aim of the institution is also to bring about the harmonious blending of the traditional and the progressive methods of education as a tool to achieve the all - round development of the personality of the students. Our endeavour is to “create free human beings who are able to impart a sense of purpose and direction to their lives”. Our teaching methods and subject-matter are so evolved that they can develop harmony and bring together the power of thought, feeling and action in the students. When this integration of head, heart and hand is brought about, the basis will have been laid for mental adaptability, initiative and moral strength in future life. In short our aim is to impart the best of education with utmost care, love and understanding with a view to instill in these young mind early enough, moral and ethical values, strength of character discipline, national outlook, firm faith in all religions, and abiding spirit of service and sacrifice and thus help and encourage them to develop a healthier and broader outlook of life.

CAAS offers the following courses of Kannur University

Course Eligibilty Duration
BBA 50% Marks in +2 or Equivalent 3 years
B.Com 45% Marks in +2 or Equivalent 3 years
B.A (Eng) 50% Marks in +2or Equivalent 3 years




Mission & Vision


To prepare professionals who are leaders and trend-setters in their respective fields, to bring out the potential and groom each student to become Initiator, Explorer,



We will be among the top self-supporting professional educational institutes with global impact and strong local commitment.