Admission continues to Co-operation, BBA, BA English and BA Economics The online classes for 2nd & final year have commenced and it is our pleasure to note that the new generation is trying to mirror themselves in a world of information over flow. It is the duty of the college to help them to turn the mirrors into windows with judicious use of such opportunities.

Rules & Regulation



Prayer is a very important, though short, daily ceremony in our college. It is mandatory for all students to participate in it. It will set the right tone for the day in the morning. It will enable them to invoke a peaceful mind within so that the day begins with the right note for effective study.


Punctuality is of paramount importance. It instills in us a sense of discipline with regard of time. All students to maintain punctuality without fail.

Uniform and ID card compulsory.


Mission & Vision


To prepare professionals who are leaders and trend-setters in their respective fields, to bring out the potential and groom each student to become Initiator, Explorer,



We will be among the top self-supporting professional educational institutes with global impact and strong local commitment.