Admission continues to Co-operation, BBA, BA English and BA Economics The online classes for 2nd & final year have commenced and it is our pleasure to note that the new generation is trying to mirror themselves in a world of information over flow. It is the duty of the college to help them to turn the mirrors into windows with judicious use of such opportunities.

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The most important and evershining  words of the patriotic saint of  our Mother land,Swami Vivekanda , who lifted the glory and tradition of our country on global level in every era.This is a college run by the most renowned philanthropist of our blessed nation.It is an esteemed institution trying to imbibe the epitome of Indian rich values and its tradition on grass root level.We are training the enthusiastic and vibrant young minds to survive in this competitive world with the quintessence of sustainability undisturbed with an optimistic notion to build himself and his fellow beings including each and every living creatures of the Universe.